Tuesday, August 14, 2007

homemade culture?

what is it?

spontaneous. free to participate in. communal. homemade culture has fingerprints not corporate branding. it is not mass produced. it is impermanent. adaptable. makeshift. made of the materials at hand. local. non-commercial. ad hoc. improvised. small scale. lively. energetic. made with and out of the stories of everyday people. fitting. imperfect. quirky. loose. always political, even when it's not overtly so, because it challenges the notion that culture is "produced" by our paid culture-manufacturers and only "consumed" by folks like us.


because we'll meet our neighbors. because we'll finally understand what our grandmother meant when she said we should learn the piano so that we can entertain our friends by playing and singing songs on a Friday night. because we've fallen asleep at the wheel. because it's good to play. because in it we will find small truths.

who & what, where & when?

keep reading.

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